This is much on my mind at the moment as we look to the future of the West Penwith Methodist Circuit. Just what is the church for? In the minds of many, I suspect, the answer would be: “I haven’t a clue!” or “A place to sing hymns.” Maybe even, “A place where I would not be welcome.”

The truth is that the church is not a place and ought not really to be a religion. What we ought to be is a people united around a common aim, being followers of Jesus; people who, like Jesus, allow the divine to shine in and through us, people of grace, compassion and love. The church is to help make that happen, so that together we form what is called “the body of Christ.”

The church is not about saving itself or promoting religion, it’s not even about singing hymns on Sunday although if that helps us become more like Jesus followers then sing away! The church, the body of Jesus, is called to spend itself, to give itself away, to die even in the love and service of the world. Big ask, isn’t it?

How do I do in that? Sometimes OK; sometimes not so OK. I’m always glad of a hand, though. Together, we might just do better.

Cres ha kerensa – Peace and love!

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