Advent and back on the theme of the end of all things, and judgement. I read this morning Nico ter Linden’s comment: “There can be no harm in living today as if the kingdom will dawn tomorrow.” What is our motivation in life? Do we just drift along or is there an underlying theme, motif to our lives. For me, this judgement is not about some future time but about today. By judgement I don’t mean what we often think of when we hear that word, the judgement of a court, condemnation. Rather I think of things like a spirit level, a plumb line, a pattern, an MOT, reflectiveness, awareness, discernment.

I claim no perfection for myself. I am only too aware of my faults, although I suspect there may be others I am not aware of. Nevertheless, as someone who seeks to be a Jesus follower, if a new age of grace and peace dawned tomorrow, would I at least be facing in the right direction?

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