At tonight’s Maundy Thursday service we read the story of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples, and setting them, and all who would be followers of the Teacher, an example of loving service. This was my brief reflection on it:

Washing feet. Just think about it. What it demands. Getting close. Touching. Getting on your knees. Being below another. Making another higher than you. Putting yourself at the service of another. Service. Servant. Taking the position of least importance. Not standing on ceremony. Not insisting on dignity. Giving up power. Foot washing. Just think about it. “I am among you as one who serves,” said the Teacher. Not lording it over the classroom. Not demanding a respect based on position rather than merit. I am among you as a servant. As a teacher, I am among you as a servant. Is this the church? Is this the body of Christ? Is it? When we demand special privileges because our forebears were Christian; when we demand special treatment in the rules and regulations of the country because we are Christian; when we demand that others dance to our tunes, are we on our knees? The Teacher who caused others to ask questions of themselves and so learn for themselves, from his position at our feet, looks up into our eyes and beyond into our souls and says to us, “Love as I have loved you. … No servant is greater than their Master,” and here am I, your Master, or so you say, kneeling at your feet.

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