Christianity under attack! There appear to be a lot of such headlines lately. Is there any truth in them? I have no doubt that some people want to attack Christianity (and other faiths) and that others wish to defend it, but I also detect some special pleading going on. Being Christian does not mean that we must expect the law to accommodate itself, or employers to accommodate themselves, to our beliefs. If the law relating to a particular business or trade, or the requirements of an employer, do not sit well with our beliefs then we must find other occupation. Many Christians are pacifists and would therefore choose not to work for an armaments company; it would be unreasonable to expect armaments companies to accommodate people with such beliefs. As with  pacifism, so with other issues, it is not always easy to define a clear Christian view. Some Christians are pacifist, others not; some are anti-gay, some are not, while others hold the ground that is is OK to be gay if celibate; some believe that capitalism is compatible with Christianity, while others believe that no Christian can be a capitalist. The state does not prevent us believing these various things, what it does is to ask that we treat each other according to a common set of rules in public and business life. To hold us to that set of rules is a far cry from attacking Christianity.

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