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Methodism in West Penwith – A Heritage at Risk

   Methodism in West Penwith – A Heritage at Risk   Rev Julyan Drew, MA Superintendent Minister, West Penwith Methodist Circuit January, 2012 (last updated April 2018)  Contents  Intro  Summary  Methodism in Cornwall – Rise and Decline The Rise and Influence of … Continue reading →

Budge up! Make some space. Prayers or BS?

  The Penlee Cluster of churches’ Lent book (A Bigger Table – Building Messy, Authentic and Hopeful Spiritual Community by John Pavlovitz) continues to lead me to think about contemporary issues, and today it is the recent tragic events in … Continue reading →

A Bigger Table for the “Disabled”?

Continuing with my look at the Penlee Cluster’s Lent book (A Bigger Table – Building messy, authentic and hopeful spiritual community by John Pavlovitz) to set us thinking during the run up to Easter. Yesterday didn’t go as planned and … Continue reading →

Seeing things differently

“What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are.” (C.S. Lewis, The Magician’s Nephew) According to the American Gun Safety Campaign Everytown for … Continue reading →

A subversive and humble faith.

I’m just reading a very interesting book by Yuval Noah Hariri called Sapiens, a brief history of humankind published in Hebrew in 2011 and English 3 years later. Three quotes to give you a flavour of the book: “History is … Continue reading →

Workers’ Memorial Day 2017

Sermon preached on the Sunday before Workers’ Memorial Day 2017 at Newlyn Trinity Church. Homes don’t just appear in ready-made streets; factories don’t just pop up together in industrial estate as if by magic, clothes don’t just appear on our … Continue reading →

A Storm in an (Easter) Egg Cup

Here we go again, like the first cuckoo or the first swallow, there comes, annually, the first complaints about the hollowing out of British Christian traditions by people who insist on taking the eggs out of Easter, or rather Easter … Continue reading →

4 things about God and religion

The sermon below was preached in a number of settings and versions at the beginning of 2016 at what Methodists call our Covenant Services, where we renew our covenant with God. This version was delivered at a service shared by … Continue reading →

Remembrance Sunday Sermon

What follows is a sermon due to be delivered at Trinity Methodist Church, Newlyn on Remembrance Sunday 2016. It deals not only with the issue of war and remembrance but also the recent American election, and more particularly the campaign … Continue reading →

Panama Papers, aspiration and justice

The Panama Papers, with their revelations in the Guardian and other news media, of cash deposited in financial arrangements far from the prying eyes of tax officials and with all the transparency of a lead-lined coffin[1] have created quite a … Continue reading →

Religion, power and a servant Jesus

In times such as this when serious questions are asked about power and religion and their relationship one to another, this Good Friday seems to me an appropriate time to ask what such questions mean to the church not just … Continue reading →

He is not here. Go home!

My Easter Sunday message. I love Mark’s gospel. Each one of the gospels we have in the New Testament, there are others that didn’t make it in, have something different about them. For me, John is the most reflective and … Continue reading →

Washing feet requires bending down.

At tonight’s Maundy Thursday service we read the story of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples, and setting them, and all who would be followers of the Teacher, an example of loving service. This was my brief reflection on … Continue reading →

Parables of unity?

The congregations of Mousehole Methodists and Paul Anglicans will be worshipping together next week as we always do at the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. It is one of a number of things we do together. We worship in … Continue reading →

Imagine that! Peace on earth?

“Another year’s gone by. I wonder what the new one has in store for us.” “About 365 days if we’re lucky.” The cartoon conversation made me smile when I saw it this morning after a night when many of us … Continue reading →

I wish it could be Christmas every day.

I don’t like singing Christmas carols. What I mean is I don’t like singing Christmas carols until it’s Christmas. I like to celebrate Christmas at Christmas and not back in the summer when the shops start us thinking of it, or even during Advent when the … Continue reading →

Reflecting on light at Christmas Eve

In the beginning there was nothing.  God said, “Let there be light!”  And there was light.  There was still nothing, but you could see it a whole lot better.  So said Ellen DeGeneres, in a wry comment on the first … Continue reading →

Would I be welcome in your church?

A friend asked the other day if we let “agnostics / failed Catholics/ theologically sceptical exiles” into our church. The answer is, “Yes, I do.” But that question and its answer raises a whole bunch of other questions such as: … Continue reading →

The reflections of a privileged man

Yesterday afternoon I watched my eldest grandchild, just five years old, perform on stage at her school in Newlyn in its Nativity Play, “A Midwife Crisis.” A wonderful performance from small children ably and sensitively taught and led by their … Continue reading →

Reflecting on Turner for Advent

“Don’t work too hard,” people often say to me. So, recently I’ve been trying to listen and carve out some special time in my diary to do things that I enjoy. I have an interest in art and in an … Continue reading →

Health and safety – A joke!?

Scientists at NASA built a gun specifically to launch dead chickens at the windshields of airliners, military jets and the space shuttle, all travelling at maximum velocity. The idea is to simulate the frequent incidents of collisions with airborne fowl … Continue reading →

Strivers and skivers

The Prime Minister, Mr Cameron, at his recent party Conference described the Conservatives as the party of strivers. Someone has suggested that the sub-message here is that they are the party of “strivers not skivers.” Certainly there is in rhetoric … Continue reading →


My wife sits in the chair of a late evening, and looks across at me as – work finished at last – I read the paper, watch the TV and wander around Twitterland. She is bemused first of all by … Continue reading →

Faith and Humanity – Some Thoughts.

Not strictly connected with Trinity Church and the Centre, this sermon contains some of my thinking on faith and humanity. I add it here because some people have kindly said they found it helpful. Following a reunion of wartime evacuees … Continue reading →


Following an interesting, thought-provoking and moving blog from my Twitter friend, Peter, I wanted to think a little about the concept of forgiveness as I understand it. Peter’s Blog: http://pme200.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/forgiveness.html The Lord’s Prayer has us say / ask “forgive us … Continue reading →

Remember the dead: Fight for the living

Remember the dead: Fight for the living is the slogan of the international Workers’ Memorial Day (WMD), an event falling on April 28th annually. WMD began in Canada with the Canadian Union of Public Employees in 1984, and the Canadian Labour Congress declaration of … Continue reading →

Wear a cross or take one up?

George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, says Christians are being vilified, being persecuted and driven underground, in a way that homosexuals once were, according to the Daily Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/9203953/Britains-Christians-are-being-vilified-warns-Lord-Carey.html. I barely know where to begin to respond to this. “Oh, … Continue reading →

Out of the mouths of babes!

Last week I spent some time with some children from a local school on their “Christianity block.” They came to meet me in one of my chapels first, all the classes, one after the other. The children were marvellous and … Continue reading →

Who are the rich?

May I begin with a big thankyou to all who read my blog and, apparently, find some interest in my public sharing of my thought processes on various matters. Thanks, too, for your responses. I’ve been looking recently at the … Continue reading →

Finding happiness?

Continuing my Lent musings on the “Beatitudes” in Matthew 5 and Luke 6: They are addressed to or about those who are blessed, a word sometimes translated as “happy”, so, “Happy are the poor,” “happy are those who mourn” etc. … Continue reading →

Woe to the rich?

To recap my previous blog (have a look if you want to see more of where I began): Matthew’s gospel sets Jesus on top of a hill saying “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” Luke’s sets Jesus at the bottom … Continue reading →

Blessed are the poor?

As anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook or has been in conversation with me these last months will know, I am even more exercised about the condition of the poor than usual.  It led me to thinking about … Continue reading →

Christianity under attack! Really?

Christianity under attack! There appear to be a lot of such headlines lately. Is there any truth in them? I have no doubt that some people want to attack Christianity (and other faiths) and that others wish to defend it, but I also detect … Continue reading →

Am I my brother’s keeper?

“When Hitler attacked the Jews I was not a Jew, therefore I was not concerned. And when Hitler attacked the Catholics, I was not a Catholic, and therefore, I was not concerned. And when Hitler attacked the unions and the … Continue reading →

Easy answers?

Yesterday I was approached by someone who expected me to be able to sum up my response to the  Israel / Palestine situation in one minute. My suggestion that it wasn’t the easiest of situations met with an apparent wonder … Continue reading →

Being Real

Lana Del Ray. I’d vaguely heard of her, but I’d not heard of who she was before she changed her name, that is Lizzy Grant. Lana Del Ray is the new, next big thing on the American music scene, or so it … Continue reading →

Up the pole!

My friend John told me a story the other day. Sat in Listening Post, our Friday morning quiet time at The Centre, a picture came to his mind that he’d seen on television of a Scottish Power worker , aloft … Continue reading →

Politics and religion.

Just before Christmas I received an email from the Sojourners’ Community in America. It was entitled: “Why I left my church.” Jim Wallis, many years ago as a 15 year old white boy clearly concerned about the racism he saw … Continue reading →

A flickering flame in the darkness.

Jan Sutch Pickard said, “Carrying a Candle, from one little place of shelter to another is an act of love.” I like that picture, it invites us to live as candle bearers for each other, leading the way to safety … Continue reading →

Christian Britain?

The Prime Minister has spoken apparently about Britain being a Christian country, and should not be afraid to admit is is so. I did not hear his speech and have to rely on news reports of it. But if that is a correct description … Continue reading →

What really happened that first Christmas?

What really happened that first Christmas? Our principal sources are the gospels. Matthew’s says one thing, Luke’s another – similar but not exactly the same. Mark says nothing at all about the birth, (and neither do the bits of the New Testament … Continue reading →

The Advent Spiral

We recently had our almost annual Advent Spiral at Trinity. It was well attended again this year and different people brought different things to it and took different things away from it. The Advent Spiral is a simple event but, … Continue reading →

For or Against?

A Baptist “church” in America has banned inter-racial couples from its services, except funerals – that exception seeming to turn the knife in a particularly nasty bit of cruel bigotry that has no place in any society let alone a … Continue reading →

Facing up to myself

Advent and back on the theme of the end of all things, and judgement. I read this morning Nico ter Linden’s comment: “There can be no harm in living today as if the kingdom will dawn tomorrow.” What is our motivation in life? … Continue reading →

What’s the church for anyway?

This is much on my mind at the moment as we look to the future of the West Penwith Methodist Circuit. Just what is the church for? In the minds of many, I suspect, the answer would be: “I haven’t a clue!” or … Continue reading →

Fight the Good Fight?

Remembrance Sunday approaches again. I am at heart a pacifist, but also a realist and know that sometimes there seems no other way than to fight. I sorrow for those killed in war, and for the reasons that send them to fight … Continue reading →

Sandwich Board Man!

When was the last time you saw a man with a sandwich board carrying the legend – “the end is nigh”? Some time, I guess. The end of things is something we might expect to hear about from  exotic American pastors but rarely in … Continue reading →

Sunday’s Baptism

Little Kyle baptised on Sunday. It really is lovely to welcome as many as we do to Trinity for the baptisms of their young ones (adults too). I am glad every time to be able to celebrate the story of the grace … Continue reading →

Who can come to church?

Are non-believers welcome, asked someone. A very good question, indeed. Churches have signs outside that say all welcome, but is that true? I think most people would be surprised by the range of views in most mainstream churches, the depth … Continue reading →

Believing or Doing?

I sometimes get into difficulties with some Christians because they say I don’t believe the “right” things. What we think or believe certainly affects what we do, but a surer sign of what we believe is not what we say … Continue reading →

Sharing the Light

Thinking Sunday evening about light and dark, and about how we help each other to see. Text: “Let your light shine before others so that they may see your good deeds and praise God.” Have you ever had someone so keen to … Continue reading →