For hundreds of years the distinctive sound of the recorder has been used to imitate the songs of birds and sounds of woodlands, inspiring generations of musicians and composers.
In this beautiful programme Fontanella presents a feast of music featuring the lark, nightingale and all the pleasures of the ancient woods with music by William Byrd, Henry VIII, Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Purcell and Marenzio, as well as some jazz arrangements and new sounds.
They perform on all kinds or recorders: from the tiny sopranino to the giant double bass recorder.
They also offer a Workshop for players at The Centre at 4.30pm.

‘From the first note of the concert by the Fontanella Recorder Quintet, it was clear that these five musicians were at the top of the performing tree..’ – Early Music Review
‘What was remarkable was the quality of their ensemble playing. You can see them constantly communicating, with eye contact and body language, so you can see how it is being done, but it still seems like a bit of magic…’ The Recorder Magazine, Twitter: @FontanellaQ, Facebook: @fontanellaQ

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